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It all comes down to trust.

Zeeland Family provides a comprehensive range of marketing competencies, combining creativity, strategic thinking and a strong focus on digital.

Trust breeds growth.

From idea to product. From product to bestseller. From bestseller to service. From good to great. From words to action and profit. Our job at Zeeland Family is to help our clients grow their visibility, their influence and their sales.

Growth means consistency.

Success is not a process, but most often it needs a process. It is easier to reach your target when you know where the journey begins and what will happen on the way. We base our work on how we see customer behavior and consumption patterns change. We meet these challenges with content and touchpoints defined by the targets set.

Trust is always earned.

We challenge ourselves and our methods – as well as our clients and their methods – every day. We want to offer clients more growth, more quickly and more efficiently. We want your work with us to be not only rewarding, but also pleasant.

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Address: Ruoholahdenkatu 23, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: +358 (0)10 231 9000


Tuomas Airisto, CEO
Mobile +358 40 566 1331

Zeeland Family is Finland’s leading marketing communications group with a Nasdaq First North listed market position in Helsinki (trading code ZEE1V). We exist to create opportunities for growth that push our clients forward, with over 170 professionals in six different offices across Finland. Our turnover in 2017 was approximately €16m, with an operating profit of €1m.

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